The Business Case for Digital Health
How employers can leverage modern chronic care solutions to cut costs and improve employee outcomes.

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Despite good intentions and considerable effort, the U.S. healthcare system is losing the battle against chronic conditions. Americans are eating more and moving less. Outcomes are getting worse, while costs continue to rise.

To make matters worse, providers can’t keep up with the demand. Patients are lucky if they get 30 minutes of direct contact with their doctors, and a significant physician shortage is making it harder for patients to get appointments when they need them.

One way to make up for the erosion of the doctor-patient relationship is to help patients take control over their own health when they’re away from the doctor’s office—and digital tools can make a big difference.

By leveraging mobile technologies, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), effective digital health solutions can give people with common chronic conditions a legitimate pathway to more positive outcomes.

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