Dario's GLP-1 Solution

Support for diabetes and weight management

Dario’s GLP-1 solution provides proven behavior change for life-changing results. Digital tools and expert human support help members adopt healthier habits that result in sustained outcomes.

Dario focuses on educating members, identifying their underlying motivators or obstacles to losing weight, and helping them form healthy habits.

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Why Dario?

  • Proven tools to support healthier behaviors
  • Experience in managing cardiometabolic conditions and managing GLP-1s for diabetes
  • Access to Coaches, Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs), and Registered Dieticians (RDs)
  • Support for related behavioral health conditions including depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Customized programs that support eligibility requirements like prior authorization, step therapy and utilization management
  • Scalable and affordable – digitally lead solution
  • Six-week implementation timeline
  • High level of utilization reporting 


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What is Dario’s GLP-1 solution? 

Dario’s GLP-1 solution is part of Dario’s weight management program built on a foundation of clinical protocols and behavior change approaches. A special set of tools include: 

  • Education on GLP-1 medications
  • Coaching conversations to identify the underlying motivations to lose weight and the role of medications in their journey if applicable
  • Medication adherence tool to track and set up reminders
  • Mini programs on nutrition, exercise, and other healthy habits that complement a weight loss journey assisted by GLP-1 medication  

Does Dario prescribe medications? 

Our goal is to support the medication treatment plan as determined by a member's physician. We provide education, digital and human coaching, as well as medication adherence tools. 

Can Dario’s program be used to support prior authorization or STEP therapy? 

We can support based on client requirements.

Do members need to qualify for the GLP-1 solution?  

The GLP-1 solution is available as part of Dario’s cardiometabolic offering which includes weight management, diabetes, and hypertension. 

Members do not need to qualify for the GLP-1 solution. 

Can a member use another service and still use Dario? (i.e., Calibrate, Weight Watchers) 

Yes. Dario’s programs are complementary to other services that a member may already be using. 

What does Dario’s GLP-1 solution cost? 

Dario’s GLP-1 solution is part of our cardiometabolic offering and there is no additional cost on top of that. 

How does the GLP-1 solution integrate with Dario’s other chronic condition management solutions? 

The GLP-1 solution will be available for members using Dario’s cardiometabolic offering designed for those managing diabetes, weight, and hypertension. 

Dario’s behavioral health product is also integrated into our platform which plays an important role in forming and maintaining habits for weight loss. 

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