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Transforming chronic disease management with Sanofi and Dario Digital Health Solutions

MedOne: A PBM that prioritizes whole-health member care

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Sanofi is committed to integrating health care and technology to change the course of chronic diseases. To achieve this, they have partnered with DarioHealth, aiming to help change patient behavior through a whole-health approach. By combining health care expertise with advanced technology, more members can now access effective solutions that can improve outcomes and lower health care costs.

MedOne is a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) that provides services to clients and members in all 50 states. They identified a crucial need to interact with patients with diabetes early on, as diabetes has consistently been their most significant expense beyond specialty drugs, emphasizing the need for cost-effective interventions.
| Patients using digital health solutions are approximately 30% more adherent to those solutions than to pharmacotherapy alone |
With Dario, MedOne members have access to what they need to adopt healthier behaviors and better manage their condition. Members use Dario’s connected Blood Glucose Monitoring System to record clinical measurements in the Dario app. Dario analyzes the clinical data alongside engagement and behavioral data to personalize the digital experience across content, tools, and trackers, to keep members engaged and on track.

It was important that MedOne could articulate results to their clients and validate that Dario could make a difference for their members with diabetes. With Dario, MedOne intends to review multiple metrics that show changes in HbA1c, blood glucose levels, and weight alongside demonstrated use of the application. MedOne plans to aggregate Dario’s information with their own data from their provider intervention and emphasized that the goal is to find engagement across a multitude of means.
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Dario is proud to have an 80% retention rate after year one.

Our user-centric approach translates into members who use the program long-term.

While we do offer one-on-one coaching and see the value in human support, our focus is on arming people with the tools to help themselves.