Financial Case Study

Reduce Medical Costs with Dario Digital Health Solutions

Spend related to diabetes presents a huge financial burden for the 37 million Americans living with diabetes and the 100 million prediabetic adults in the form of inpatient stays, medications, provider office visits and antidiabetic medications and supplies, such as testing strips.

Uncontrolled diabetes presents the most significant cost challenge for payers as those
without good self-care habits are more likely to be hospitalized at a significant expense.

Learn how Dario digital health solutions help offset the costs of cardiometabolic chronic conditions and improve your bottom line. >>

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Dario is proud to have an 80% retention rate after year one.

Our user-centric approach translates into members who use the program long-term.

While we do offer one-on-one coaching and see the value in human support, our focus is on arming people with the tools to help themselves.